You win. We win. It's that simple.

We drive complex cases to successful verdicts.

Our clients come to us in crisis. They're not only facing legal issues, they're dealing with legislative, accounting and public relations challenges as well. By taking a comprehensive 360 degree approach to every case, we're able to identify all those challenges up front, and define a detailed strategy for successfully overcoming each of them. We communicate like real people – not lawyers – and work to clarify complex financial and legal matters so clients and juries can make smart, educated decisions. At every step of the case, we're asking ourselves "What's the best way to get the best result for this client?" and using the answer to drive our next steps.

Our whistleblower clients take tremendous personal and professional risks in reporting tax, securities and government fraud. We represent whistleblowers before the IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as in false claims litigation. We are committed to vindicating our whistleblower clients.

TAFS attorneys work on a contingency fee-based structure, designed to keep our goals in total alignment with those of our clients. When we take your case, you know we'll do whatever it takes within the confines of the law to win, because our success is directly tied to yours. Our willingness to go all the way to trial has given us an unrivaled expertise in the courtroom, as well as the ability to pursue and secure exceptional settlements. Whatever the goal, we're focused on driving each and every case to a successful verdict.